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Avery Point


The University of Connecticut at Avery Point is home to vibrant undergraduate programs, an active student body, and dedicated faculty whose excellence in teaching and research is recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally. The campus provides students with the opportunity to begin almost all of UConn’s more than 110+ majors. Students can also choose to remain at Avery Point to complete their undergraduate degrees in American Studies, English, General Studies, Maritime Studies, and Marine Sciences.

All Avery Point four-year majors have common features. All are interdisciplinary, liberal arts programs of study that encourage students to integrate learning across the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. All involve students in a high degree of experiential learning, including hands-on activities, internships, and undergraduate research. All include, or allow students to choose to include, academic focus on the environment and on globalization.

Transition to Storrs

Campus Change

Upon admission, UConn students are assigned a home campus. Students may change their home campus freely between the 4 regional campuses (Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, and Waterbury) to take their classes. In order to change the home campus to Storrs, however, students must meet certain requirements, driven by the courses required for their particular major. These requirements are enforced in order to manage enrollment at the main campus.

Four Year Degrees at Avery Point

Students can complete the entire four years of study at Avery Point and complete a degree in:

  • American Studies
  • English
  • General Studies
  • Maritime Studies
  • Marine Sciences

For other academic programs, students will need to take upper-division courses at the main campus in Storrs or at a different regional campus. When students switch their registration between campuses, the University calls it a “campus change” (it is NOT a transfer).

Most Avery Point students are required to complete 54 credits of course work (usually four semesters of enrollment) before changing to the Storrs campus. Credits brought in through ECE, AP, or transfer work will count toward the required 54 credits.

Any exceptions to the 54 credit rule are authorized only if the students’ academic program requires them to be in Storrs for the sophomore year, and if the student has completed all prerequisite courses for that academic program.

A Campus-Change meeting is held twice a year where students can learn about the process of changing campuses, including critical deadlines for requesting on-campus housing in Storrs.


One-third of all freshmen entering a UConn regional campus are still exploring their options. If you’re among that group, ACES (Academic Center for Exploratory Students) will help you navigate the most efficient route to your selected field of study, typically by your fourth semester’s completion. ACES also serves as the academic home for UConn’s pre-professional programs, including education and pharmacy. For details, visit