Campus Safety

Campus Safety

The UConn Police Department is a fully functional police agency with the same statutory authority as a municipal police department in the state of Connecticut.

On Duty 24/7

Report Emergencies

Dial 8-911 from campus phones.
Dial 911 from other phones.

Contact the Avery Point Police

For Your Safety

Emergency blue phones are strategically located in 8 outside locations at UConn Avery Point. To use a blue phone, simply press the red button.

The foyer of the Avery Point police substation is available at all times for anyone needing shelter or safety for any reason.

UConn police car and building at Avery Point

Duties & Services

In addition to patrolling the UConn Avery Point campus to keep our community safe, we offer the following services:

Medical Assistance

There is no school nurse, physician, or health facility at Avery Point, but our officers are trained as emergency medical responders and will provide medical assistance should the need arise.


Requests for safety presentations, student events, and special community events can be made through UConn Public Safety’s Community Outreach unit.

Campus Safety Report

Universities are required to publish annual reports of incidents on campuses.

View the UConn Avery Point Uniform Campus Crime Report


Parking permits, services, regulations, and enforcement at UConn Avery Point are controlled by UConn Parking Services.