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At UConn Avery Point, you’ll get the benefits of a prestigious public research university in a small college setting. Established in 1967 on Long Island Sound, UConn Avery Point inspires students with specialized programs that take advantage of our waterfront location and delivers an exceptional education in more traditional areas of study.


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Art Connection Studio is a program of Vinfen, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. ACS teaches art skills to participants and helps them use their talents to generate income. We want to highlight their efforts and dedication to empowerment. We also want to draw attention to the great work that UConn does with the same population through our Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service

The University is required to provide all faculty and staff with annual training on:

  • Elements of the University’s compliance program
  • University’s expectations that all will act in accordance with applicable laws, policies and standards
  • Obligations as a state employee under the Connecticut State Code of Ethics.

Developed by the Office of University Compliance, training provides realistic scenarios and examples of how issues of ethics and compliance may arise in your work as a state employee. You can complete your training in one of two ways:

Attend a live virtual session.

Register for a Live Session on March 13, April 18, or May 15.

Estimated Time: 90 minutes
Location: Online via Webex

Registration is required.

Employees should register for live sessions as early as possible, because sessions will be limited.

If you register for a live Webex session, you do not need to complete the online training course.

Complete online training on your own schedule by May 31, 2024.

Access the Online Training

*Special payroll employees are not required to complete compliance training unless mandated by their Department Head.

Exhibits featuring painter Catie Lewis and photographer Mallorie Ostrowitz

View Your HEP Status in Your Portal*

  • Does your status bar say 100%? If so, great!
  • If not, which requirements are missing the green check mark?

*See below for a sample of what you may see. Any requirement without a green check must be completed by Dec. 31, 2024, to avoid the HEP penalty. Schedule and complete appointments as soon as possible to avoid the late-year rush!