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At UConn Avery Point, you’ll get the benefits of a prestigious public research university in a small college setting. Established in 1967 on Long Island Sound, UConn Avery Point inspires students with specialized programs that take advantage of our waterfront location and delivers an exceptional education in more traditional areas of study.

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Karaoke in the student center! Join us from 12 to 2 to sing your favorite songs!


Visit the UConn Coastal Perspectives website for connection information. These lectures are being offered online and in-person. Tuesday, February 7, 2023; 7:30 p.m. Molly James, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut Harmony of Nature – fostering connection to the environment through music Harmony of Nature is an international collaboration, science communication, and experimental music project between pianist Hea Youn “Sophy” Chung and oceanographer Molly M. James. Born out of an unlikely friendship and language exchange during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chung and James conceptualized the project and received initial funding from Arts Council Korea to plan and test its feasibility. Harmony of Nature converts natural phenomena into sounds through coding technology and expresses them in classical music. After converting data into sound, the goal is to convey current climate change and natural flow by expressing the nuances (shape, texture, etc.) of the natural phenomenon in classical music. By expressing invisible science and natural phenomena through art, we want to more effectively convey scientific concepts, especially the effects of climate change, through music. Ultimately, we want people to connect emotionally with nature and better understand their local environment. Visit the website for more details on the presenters and their topics: https://marinesciences.uconn.edu/lectures/


Musician Adelaide Punkin will perform. Adelaide started Rock Yer Block, a philanthropic organization who's mission is to bring musicians together to raise awareness for brain injury survivors.


Our keynote speaker is Curtis Goodwin, recipient of the 2019 CT Entrepreneur of the Year and named one of the NAACP’s 2021 “100 Most Influential Blacks in the State of Connecticut,” though we are more familiar with him around here as Producer/Creative Director of the New London Talent Show and contributor to the film Those People, as well as for his work as New London Black Heritage Trail Project Manager. He was also the narrator of the documentary Holding Space for Each Other: New London's LGBT+ Community. Mr. Goodwin is a dynamic speaker and inspirational leader, and we believe that his energy, enthusiasm, and entrepreneurial savvy will attract a diverse audience and inspire many of our students. Breakfast is included.