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Avery Point

Final Exam Schedule

A student uses a calculator during a lecture at the Avery Point Campus

A student may request a rescheduled final exam through the Student Services Office in the Branford House Room 306. If the request is approved, the instructor and the student should arrange a time during which the make-up exam will be given. The instructor is responsible for proctoring the make-up exam.

If any exam is cancelled due to weather or other emergency, the make-up exams will be rescheduled and administered by faculty in the same room and time when it was originally scheduled.

For scheduling information, visit:

Rescheduling Final Exams

Students may receive permission to reschedule a final if they have finals which are “bunched” or if a student has an “extenuating circumstance.”

Bunched Finals

Students who have “bunched finals” should go to the Student Services Office in Branford House room 306. Students who do not request permission by the publicized deadline will not be granted permission to reschedule their exams. Bunched finals include the following:

  • two finals scheduled at the same time
  • three finals in one calendar day
  • three finals in consecutive time blocks spanning parts of two consecutive days
  • four finals in two consecutive days

Extenuating Circumstances

Students with extenuating circumstances must speak to the Director of Student Services as soon as possible. Students may be allowed to reschedule a final due to unavoidable circumstances such as religious observances, previously scheduled medical procedures/appointments, attendance at a funeral, or other ceremonies in which you are directly involved in the event. Supporting documentation will be required.

Finals are not rescheduled for personal errors, like oversleeping or misreading the finals schedule. Finals are generally not rescheduled due to voluntary travel conflicts. Students (and parents) are encouraged to check the finals schedule before making travel plans.

Students who have prior knowledge of a conflict (bunched finals, religious event/obligation, court date, previously scheduled medical appointment, or other qualifying event) must come to the Student Services Office prior to the publicized deadline. Students who do not come by the deadline for reasons that were known or should have been known prior to the deadline will NOT be granted permission to reschedule their final(s).

Students with an immediate illness must submit a doctor’s note in order to be given permission to reschedule a final.

University Emergency/Closings

In case of a University closing (emergency or severe weather conditions), finals may be rescheduled from the original date/time. Exams will be administered in the same room at the same time as originally scheduled.