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Avery Point

Advising Center

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 Our Mission

The UConn Avery Point Advising Center supports undergraduate students studying in a variety of degree programs. The integration of the social, academic, and career development of the student is the central focus and drive behind the center. We pledge to help students in the following ways:

  • Help students create an Academic Plan that will allow them to achieve their academic goals while incorporating transformation educational opportunities to enhance their educational experience
  • Help students to understand their general education and major’s requirements as part of their Academic Plan to work towards timely graduation
  • Help students to understand important university policies and procedures along their educational journey
  • Help students to engage with peers, faculty, and staff to promote professional and personal growth
  • Facilitate successful transition (campus change) to the Storrs campus

Role of the Advisee

  • Seek information, be prepared, and ask questions as you create your Academic Plan
  • Meet with advisor on a regular basis
  • Pursue academic and co-curricular opportunities related to academic goals
  • Complete the advising and registration process each semester on time
  • Communicate with advisor about important changes (academic or personal) that may affect goals and/or performance

Faculty Advisors

ACD = Academic Building
MSB = Marine Sciences Building
CBP = Community and Professional Building

Advisor Building & Room Phone Email Address Discipline
General Advising: Noemi Maldonado Picardi BH 314 phone 860-405-9219, fax 860-405-9290 Assigned students in all majors (including ACES), expect as covered by others on this list. Back-up advising for all students
Baggio, Michele ACD 101B 860-405-9035 Economics and ACES
Batchvarov, Kroum ACD 116C 860-405-9295 Anthropology, Maritime Archaeology, Maritime Studies; ACES and Psychology
Bedore, Pam ACD 114D 860-405-9135 English; ACES with an interest in English
Bercaw-Edwards, Mary K ACD 114C 860-405-9032 English, Maritime Studies; ACES with an interest in English or Maritime Studies
Bohlen, Frank MSB 187 860-405-9176 Marine Sciences
Cole, Richard ACD 114E 860-405-9242 Political Science, Psychology; ACES with an interest in Political Science, Psychology
Collins, Aaron CPB 204 860-405-9013 Students enrolled in the Student Support Services program
Connors, Jeffrey ACD 114C 860-405-9188 Math, Business; ACES with an interest in Math or Business
Dam, Hans MSB 284 860-405-9098 Marine Sciences
Dierssen, Heidi MSB 285 860-405-9239 Marine Sciences
Edson, Jim MSB 193 860-405-9165 Marine Sciences, Environmental Sciences
Gai, Moshe BH 311 860-405-9068 Physics; ACES with an interest in Physics
Giblin, David CPB 203C 860-405-9275 Engineering and ACES with an interest in Engineering
Granger, Julie MSB 860-405-9094 Environmental Sciences and Marine Sciences
Hallwood, Paul ACD 116A 860-405-9078 Economics; Business; ACES with an interest in Economics or Business
Jones, Stephen ACD 101A 860-405-9187 English, Journalism; ACES with an interest in English or Journalism
Kading, Liz ACD 103C 860-405-9292 Bachelor of General Studies and non-degree
Keul, Adam ACD 116C 860-405-9059 Geography; Psychology and ACES with an interest in Geography
Leykekhman, Dmitriy ACD 114A 860-405-9294 Math, Business, Actuarial Science, and Statistics; Engineering; ACES with an interest in Math or Engineering
Lin, Senjie MSB 381 860-405-9168 Marine Sciences
Mason, Robert MSB 388 860-405-9129 Marine Sciences, Chemistry, other science; ACES undecided science
McKenzie, Matthew ACD 114C 860-405-9270 History, American Studies; ACES with an interest in History or American Studies
McManus, George MSB 288 860-405-9164 Marine Sciences, Biology, other science; ACES with an interest in Marine Sciences or Biology
Miller, Robin CPB 101 860-405-9061 Nursing and the CEIN (Certificate in Education in Nursing) program
Rozwadowski, Helen ACD 101D 860-405-9120 Maritime Studies and History
Skoog, Annelie MSB 385 860-405-9220 Marine Sciences
Steenburg, Nancy BH 314A 860-405-9191 Assigned students in all majors (including ACES), expect as covered by others on this list. Bachelor of General Studies, Bachelor of Professional Studies, and non-degree advising as well as back-up advising for all students.
Trumbull, Nathaniel ACD 101B 860-405-9272 Geography, Maritime Studies; ACES, Psychology, and Human Development and Family Studies.
Vlahos, Penny MSB 192 860-405-9269 Chemistry and Marine Sciences
Ward, Evan MSB 393 860-405-9073 Marine Sciences, Biology; ACES with an interest in Biology
Whitney, Mike MSB 185 860-405-9157 Marine Sciences and ACES with an interest in Marine Sciences
Wood, Marty CPB 203D 860-405-9296 Engineering and ACES with an interest in Engineering

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How to Prepare for Your Advising Appointment

It is important to know when to meet with your advisor and how to be best prepared for your meeting.  We encourage students to reach out to their advisor during the first two weeks of the semester as they their classes, mid-semester to plan for the next semester registration and work on their Academic Plan, and end of semester to follow-up. 

To prepare for your advising appointment students should review the following:

  • Your “UConn My Academic Plan”
  • Explore majors on the UConn The Major Experience (TME)
  • Know which School or College you intend to be in and be prepared for admission
  • Review your intended majors Plan of Study, Program Guideline, or Sample Semester Sequence to understand the courses required and/or admission process
    • School of Business
    • School of Pharmacy
    • School of Education
    • School of Engineering
    • School of Nursing
    • School of Fine Arts
    • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources
  • What if I am undecided/exploratory
    • Students who are undecided or still exploring majors will be in the Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES) this is UConn’s academic advising program for students who want to explore the University’s academic opportunities before deciding on a field of study and/or students who pursing admission to one of our admission programs (Business, Nursing, Pharmacy, Engineering, Education, Fine Arts, Allied Health, CAHNR)
  • Become familiar with Student Admin functions
    • How to find your advisor
    • How to find when I can register for classes “Enrollment Date”
    • How to view my HOLDS
    • How to use Schedule Builder
    • How to add, drop, or swap a class
    • How to use a permission number
    • How to view my Advisement report
  • Know your General Education Requirements (appropriate for your intended major)

University General Education Requirements (Including ACES)

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) General Education Requirements

School of Business General Education Requirements


Things You Should Know

Enrollment Appointment
Each student is given an individual time frame in which they can begin signing up for classes. Find out how you can locate your enrollment appointment.

Account Holds
If you have a hold on your Student Admin account, you will want to have it taken care of before it can affect the registration process. Find out how you can locate holds on your account.

Register for Classes
Go to Registration Help

Snapshot of course offerings at all UConn campuses
Interactive Course search

Transfer Course Equivalencies from other Connecticut Institutions
UConn Course Transfers Equivalencies Page

View Your Advisement Report
Track your progress in fulfilling your general education and your current declared major requirements. Help can be found at Track your Progress.

View a “What-If” Advisement Report
Review your progress in fulfilling general education and major requirements FOR OTHER MAJORS (intended major(s) you may be interested in pursuing. Help can be found at Advisement Report.

Campus Change

Are you ready to campus change? In order to assist you in the transition process to the Storrs campus, the University of Connecticut has developed a Campus Change website to provide you with the necessary resources to make your transition a successful one.

Attend a campus change meeting. In order for a student to officially change his/her campus from a regional campus to Storrs, he/she must meet campus change requirements, complete a Campus Change Form, attend a Campus Change meeting on their respective campus, and meet with their advisor to register for classes and review campus change information.


Frequently Asked Questions


Noemi Maldonado Picardi, MSW
Academic Advisor
Avery Point Campus, Branford House Room 314
Phone: 860-405-9219

Students please schedule appointments at