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Parking Services


Avery Point Parking Regulations are available on the Parking Regulations page.

On or after July 1, 2015, regional campus students, faculty and staff will obtain their 2015/16 parking permits by going to the UConn Parking Services website.

2015/16 Academic Year Student Parking
The student parking fee at the Regional Campuses will equal the least expensive student rate on the Storrs campus. On
July 1, 2015, that rate will be $110/year or $55/semester ($2.90/week average). Regional Campus student permits will
authorize parking on Storrs Campus permit lots associated with the $110/year rate. Student permits active at the end of
the 2015/16 academic year will remain valid throughout the 2016 Summer Term. They will expire on August 31, 2016.
Student parking permit rates are published online.

Carpool Permits
Carpool rates will be available. A carpool permit’s price is equally divided and paid for by each carpool member. A
carpool permit hangtag will be provided in order to allow its easy transference between vehicles. Additional information
about carpool permits and parking will be forthcoming. That information will also be shared on the Parking Services
website at

Faculty and Staff Parking
Effective July 1, 2015, the rate and sliding scale currently paid by Area 2 permit holders on the Storrs Campus will be
extended to Regional Campus employees for surface‐lot and garage parking as follows:

Salary                                               Rate                                             Daily                        Bi‐weekly                              Annual
$37,500.00 and less                      50%                                             $0.42                          $4.19                                  $108.50
$37,501.00 ‐ $64,500.00              75%                                             $0.63                          $6.26                                 $162.75
$64,501.00 and up                        100%                                            $0.83                          $8.35                                 $217.00
In accord with the 2014 AAUP Agreement, Area 2 parking for Adjunct Faculty at the Regional Campuses will
be $25 per semester/term (fall, spring, and summer). In accord with the 2015 UCPEA agreement its Regional
Campus membership earning less than $37,500 will receive their Area 2 parking at no charge. In accord with
a 2015 CEUI (NP‐2) its Regional Campus members will receive their Area 2 parking at no charge.

Employee permits will be honored at comparable parking locations on other UConn campuses.