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You will receive by mail your individual offer letter for the semester. The   following forms constitute the remainder of the necessary paperwork, as outlined  below. Please print and complete any forms you need based on the advice below.

  • Dual employment request form : this form is only necessary if you check the option on your offer letter indicating that you will also be employed at another State agency or by another department at UConn as of the first day of your new contract period. If you are employed at another State agency now but your appointment will have ended by the start date in your offer letter, check that you are NOT currently employed at another State agency.
  • Special payroll employee information sheet (new hires only).
  • I-9 (Federal employment eligibility form) : Complete Section 1 on page 7 of this form. We need to see original identification documents as outlined on page 9 (either one item   from List A OR one item EACH from Lists B and C). UCPEA members need not complete this form.
  • Federal income tax withholding (W4) : Complete and return page 1. Rehires need only fill in this form again if changes are desired.
  • CT State income tax withholding (CT-W4) : Complete and return page 1. Rehires need only fill in this form again if changes are desired.
  • Conflict of interest disclosure form : This form must be completed if you are closely related to someone also employed by the University. The definition of close relatives for the purposes of this form are spouse, parent, sibling, child, or spouse of a child.
  • Background check packet : This packet must be completed for all new hires and rehires with breaks in service. The definition of a break in service for the purpose of this form is a break in teaching of two or more consecutive semesters.
  • Retirement plan information and forms are available on this site. Please  read the language in your contract offer letter carefully as it explains your options. Once you have made your retirement election, you cannot change your choice. Quick links to related forms:
    • Beneficiary designation form for the State
    • Waiver form (if you are a new hire and wish to opt out of the plan)
  • Graduate students with a T.A. or G.A.   who are also teaching as Adjuncts on Special Payroll also need the Supplemental Employment Approval form from the Graduate School for the  additional hours they will work.
  • Direct Deposit form (highly recommended) Please  consider direct deposit. It is a convenience for you and a cost savings for the   University. If you opt to apply, you won’t have to do it again for  subsequent semesters. It will remain in force until you cancel it in writing   with Payroll. To request direct deposit of your paychecks, simply   return this form with your other paperwork, or mail it directly to Payroll   (address on the form).
  • To change your name, marital status, or address with the university, please submit the Personal change form. Please note that changing your marital status does not automatically change the marital status on your Payroll advice statement. If you wish to change the marital status there, also submit new W4 forms (above).
  • Parking decal application form – Visit the campus police office (on the traffic circle), or call them at x9088 for details. Decals are available shortly before the semester begins.

Other helpful links for Adjunct contract information and processing

In case you need our mailing address:

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