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students_03The English Department at the University of Connecticut is committed to informing its majors about literature and literary history and to helping them to develop the writing and critical thinking skills required for literary interpretation. As a component of Connecticut’s only public institution authorized to grant the Ph.D., the English Department prepares graduate students for professional careers in teaching, literary criticism, research, and writing. Gifted poets, novelists, essayists, and playwrights on our faculty contribute to the literary canon and provide undergraduate and graduate students with courses in creative writing. In its Freshman English courses, General Education courses, and in other upper and lower division courses, the Department serves the university community through its commitment to the teaching of critical thinking, cogent analysis, and clear written expression. Much of the Department’s research is designed to advance knowledge about literature and the cultures from which it has emerged, and to extend the critical approaches and historical perspectives through which literature can be understood and enjoyed.

The Avery Point contact for the English major is Pam Bedore, 860-405-9136.

Marine Sciences prospective2The  Bachelor’s degree programs in Marine Sciences at UCONN are designed to inspire you intellectually and challenge you academically.  The core of the curriculum integrates courses in marine biology, chemistry, geology, and physics.  Students specialize in a subdiscipline of the marine sciences through upper level Marine Sciences electives and through independent study with Marine Sciences faculty.   Student’s scientific training is bolstered with courses in policy, law, economics, and resource management of the oceans.  The program is quantitative, practical, and experiential in nature.  Starting the first semester, most of the courses in the major include work in many of the region’s various marine habitats.  Learning through hands-on experiences, you’ll get your feet wet and your hands dirty.  The program is analogous to a rigorous environmental sciences degree, but focused on the environment that covers more than two-thirds of the planet….the oceans.

Students may pursue either a Bachelors of Science (BS) or Bachelors of Arts (BA) major in Marine Sciences.   A number of our graduates have gone on to a variety of occupations with either the BS or the BA.  Although there are no hard and fast rules about the BS vs BA, Students who elect the BS track typically want careers doing science and/or choose to continue on to graduate school in the sciences.   Students in the BA track are typically interested in applying the marine sciences to management, or policy efforts.  In practical terms, the BS requires more quantitative classes and the BA requires more social science courses focused on the oceans.

Either degree can be started at the Avery Point or Storrs campuses.  Students who elect to begin at Storrs typically transition to Avery Point campus to complete the final two years of their Marine Sciences degree.  Avery Point, UCONN’s marine and maritime campus, is located on the shores of Long Island Sound.  It is an environment immersed in research, outreach, and marine education.  It is home to UCONN’s fleet of research vessels, state-of-the art laboratories, and oceanographic support facilities in the Department of Marine Sciences.

The Avery Point contact for the Marine Sciences major is Claudia Koerting.

Maritime Studies
students_07The Maritime Studies program embraces the liberal arts as the foundation for exploring humankind’s critical and continually evolving connections with the world’s waterways and watersheds. Through this interdisciplinary major, students will explore the historical and contemporary aspects of human society and the marine and coastal environments.  Students will complete a series of core courses that explore maritime issues from historical, literary, social science and natural science perspectives. The Maritime Studies program equips students with liberal arts training in recognized disciplines such as history, English, economics, political science, and anthropology, but also with specialized knowledge of the opportunities, issues, and traditions that influence life in maritime regions. Graduates pursue graduate study or jobs in law, public history, aquaculture, marine or environmental policy, consulting, maritime recreation, marketing, education, and other fields.

The Avery Point contact for the Maritime Studies major is Nat Trumbull.

Undergraduate Minors

Degree-seeking students at Avery Point can pursue many of the wide variety of minors offered at the University. A minor offers an option for students who want an academic focus in addition to their major. Minors are supervised by the sponsoring department or program.

For a description of the requirements for each minor, check the minors list prepared by the Avery Point staff.


Other Majors

At Avery Point, students may begin most of the 100+ academic majors and programs available in the nine undergraduate schools and colleges of the University.

Typically, students complete a specific number of credits, depending on their major, before moving on to the main campus in Storrs to complete their bachelor’s degree. There is no transfer application necessary and no disruption to the course of study. The process of moving from the regional campus to the Storrs campus is a seamless transition.

The UConn School of Engineering has established an undergraduate engineering program at Avery Point starting Fall 2014 that enables students in any of the School’s twelve majors to remain at Avery Point through their sophomore year and transfer to our Storrs Campus to complete their Bachelor of Science Degree. There are five Engineering faculty members delivering courses, advising students in both our Undergraduate and Master of Engineering Programs.  They are located in the Engineering Suite, room 203 in the Community and Professional Building.

Student Support Services (SSS) Program

Student Support Services (SSS) increases access to higher education for high-potential students who come from underrepresented ethnic or economic backgrounds and/or are first-generation college students. Learn more about this program at


Undecided About Your Major?

At Avery Point, students who are undecided about a major or still weighing all the possibilities are accepted to UConn’s Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES) program. ACES provides a well-defined plan that encourages students to explore a number of possible majors and chart an educational path before committing to an individual discipline.

Go to the Alumni page to see what some of our graduates have done upon completion of their degrees.